Locus Super Car First Prototype

It was built in urethane foam from a chassis designed and built by Luc Chartrand. The shape was made by hand, then finished with a special plaster. Once completed the first prototype, a summary plaster cast was made in order to manufacture a body of fiberglass. This body used to manufacture a second more accurate prototype matrix used for end molds. Some car models manufactured by Luc Chartrand.


Frame: Cromoley and carbon fiber.
Bodywork: Carbon fiber.


Suspension: Electronic Air-.
Adjustable Column: Electric and manual.
Driver’s seat: Electric.
Mirror. Electric (memory) and heated
glass: electrical.
Air conditioning: e.
Inner leather, 3 seats, central driving.
Audio Equipment: Radio AM / FM quadraphonic, cd amplifier hi fi 7 speakers.
Opening and closing of doors: Automatic, electric, manual and remote control.
Rear View Mirror: Camera with display LCD.
Proximity Sensor: Front, rear and side.
Tire pressure detector: 4 wheels.


Layout: Central Longitudinal.
Brand: GM XV12.
Architecture: V12 aluminum.
Capacity: 7.5 liters.
Power: 750 HP.
Torque: 450lbs.


Architecture: Engine.
Transmission: Manual 6 Tremec reports (aluminum).
Differential: Self-locking Getrag (aluminum).


Steering: Power rack.
Suspension: Independent wheels has double wishbones, shock absorbers LOCUS systems.
Brakes: AP Racing front: ventilated discs 15-inch bracket alluvial 6 pistons.
Rear: Ventilated discs 14 inches caliper alluvial 4 pistons.


Wheelbase: 111 ¾ inches or 284 cm.
Length: 174 inches or 442 cm.
Width: 87 inches or 221 cm.
Height: 44 inches or 112 cm.
Weight: 1250 kg.
Tyres: Michelin pilot sport.
Front: 255/40 ZR / 18.
Rear: 345/35 ZR / 18 (forthcoming: 400 / 30zr / 18).
Rims: Aluminium 3 pieces.
Front: 18/9.
Rear: 18/13.


Transmission:. Automatic


230,000.00 Canadian $ (PROMOTIONAL PRICE)

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